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YSTV Trips
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Genre: Behind The Scenes
First Broadcast: 07/12/2018
No. of Episodes: 2
Producer(s): Edwin Barnes, Thomas Schubert, Olivia Gibbs

YSTV Trips is a series of programmes that focusses on YSTV's day trips, hikes or camping trips, in a behind-the-scenes format. It also leans into a VLOG-style vibe.

Episode 1: A YSTV Day Out in Malham Cove

The first episode of the programme was edited by Edwin Barnes and features the YSTV hiking trip to Malham Cove on the 4th November 2018. Originally, this trip was designed to be a training hike for the Three Peaks Challenge, planned by Stephanie Shires. It ended up being less of a training hike, but resulted in one of the most fun days for everyone involved. It also showed off the beauty of Yorkshire (Steph was very happy about that) and gave freshers a chance to get involved without working on a production.

It also wasn't suppossed to be filmed, but YSTV can hardly not bring a camera to whatever they do. In fact, the episode was compiled out of the footage and photos from Edwin Barnes, Thomas Schubert and Sam Hance.

The trip highlights included climbing around waterfalls, Joe and Piotrek chasing sheep and a shared dinner in some small town's wheatherspoon.

A big thank you has to go to Edwin's housemate Niall Collingwood, who drove the second car in order to bring along more members.



Episode 2: YSTV goes Camping

The second episode features YSTV's camping trip to Scarborough from the 6th to 7th June 2019. This trip had long been in planning by Caroline Preynat-Viero and started the morning straight after the Love York Awards 2019 (leaving most attendees slightly tired). The video was edited by Thomas Schubert, narrated by Sam Hance and presented in the style of a nature documentary (including some After Effects animations). The video was released before Freshers' Week 2019 under the title Beautiful Yorkshire: YSTV goes Camping.

The Trip

YSTV had booked a minibus for the two days in order to transport the campers around the country. It was driven sharedly by Edwin Barnes, Olivia Gibbs and Tom McGonagle (with everyone agreeing that Edwin was the best driver). Despite that, Edwin developed an unfortunate habit to forget buying parking tickets.

Despite Scarborough being the final destination of the trip, the team had several stops before arriving there::


The group's first stop was in Whitby, after a spontaneous recommendation by Edwin Barnes and Charlotte Rogers. There, everyone had lunch in the best Fish-and-Chips shop in town (where Jacob Boyle suffered an unfortunate posterior injury) and drew massive artworks in the sand of Whitby's beach (including a YSTV logo, a LA1:TV logo and... other things...).

Robin Hood's Bay

On their way down the coast, the team had another short stop in the small town of Robin Hood's Bay. The highlight of this trip included a short exploration of the town's creepy canal system - which was quickly abandoned due to being too creepy.


The main destination of the entire trip. As the group had decided it would only visit the beach the following day, YSTV quickly went shopping at Tesco before finally arriving at the camping site. Which was just a big empty field next to a farm with cute animals.

After setting up the tents (which had poor Tom McGonagle struggle a lot), a problem became obvious: The tent that Matthew Zeffertt had claimed would be big enough for six people was actually a four-man-tent. Which made sleeping a touch uncomfortable for everyone in that tent.

After a short BBQ, some beverages and a few rounds of Never Have I Ever and One Night Werewolf, everyone went to bed.

The next morning, the group packed down their camp and went into down, stopping by Wetherspoons and terrorising the local stores. After that, they made their way to the beach. Despite the sea being basically freezing, a few brave members went in anyway (Editor's Note: Some of them didn't. Which is understandable. It was actually painful).


On their way back to York, the group stopped in the small town of Pickering based on a recommendation by Olivia Gibbs (parts of her family came from there). Due to heavy rain, most of the team stayed behind in a warm, comfy pub, while Olivia, Edwin, Charlotte and Thomas explored the town. The entire trip concluded with an embarrassing game of bowling back in York.



Episode 3: You Rock! (Trip to Brimham Rocks)

A slightly different episode to the previous ones, more in the vain of Behind the Streams content, perhaps due to the editor being one Sam Hance. The video itself is edited like a trailer for a coming of age indie film in which the group 'find themselves' on a trip to Brimham Rocks.

The trip itself was a fun day out simply due to Olivia Gibbs wanting to go on a walk somewhere. With her behind the wheel of the van, the group set off, getting lost on the way there and then spending the day climbing a lot of fancy rocks.

On the way back Olivia managed to scrape the side of the van and get it stuck in the entrance to a car park. After attempts to get unstuck by Olivia and Thomas Schubert, eventually a nice man came and helped get the van out. Then, Thomas Schubert managed to get the van stuck on a very busy traffic light. As a consequence, neither Tom or Olivia were favoured to become YSTV's preferred driver.



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