Matthew Zeffertt

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Matthew Zeffertt
Years Active 2018 – Present
Positions Held

Matthew (often also simply called Matt or Zeff) is a film and tv student that joined YSTV in 2018 at the beginning of his second year. He often acts as editor, cursing at Premiere Pro from the top of his lungs. In 2019, he succeeded Sam Hance as Head of Presentation.

Matt is also famous for his unnecessarily complicated surname that is pretty much misspelled by everyone. Common versions include Zefferett, Zefertt and Zeffert.


It is unclear from what point exactly Matt can be considered a member of YSTV. As a good friend of Richard Jones and Thomas Schubert, he first came to a YSTV meeting at the committee elections of 2018 in order to support his friends. Around the same time, he was roped into helping out on The System by Richard Jones.

At the beginning of the next academic year, Matt stuck around and started getting involved in several productions. Most noticably, he started working on his pet project: The FetSoc Doc. This production came about when Matt happened to wonder whether YSTV had done a video on FetSoc yet. They hadn't, so he simply walked over to their stall and made first contact. The finished documentary would only be released a year later. He also got recruited by Thomas Schubert to be the 1st AD on Robbing Chloe.

Over the following year, Matt proved himself to be one of the most resourceful members of the station, and most certainly the member with the most recognizable laugh. He even occasionally appeared in front of the camera, for example as presenter in YSTV goes Rockclimbing, for which he fell down a lot.

For NaSTA 2019, Matt was tasked with editing the Best Broadcaster showreel. This showreel ended up winning YSTV the prestigious award that year.

Later during summer term, Matthew was elected Head of Presentation due to his attention to detail and constructive criticism.

Despite being best friends, Matthew can usually be found arguing with Thomas Schubert over a random creative decision, which usually ends with both claiming they were right all along. Occassionally, they forget halfway through their argument what they were even discussing. However, most of the time it ends up in better quality content.