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Matt-Man is a vigilante superhero with a code to protect to peaceful citizens of the city of York - although he might not be all that good at it. The character was created by Joe Radford and is very closely based on YSTV's Head of Presentation at the time: Matthew Zeffertt. Originally, a script was written by Joe Radford with the hope of launching the YSTVCU. Unfortunately, this never happened, because surprisingly Matthew Zeffertt was not all too keen on starring as the main character.

Illustrated cover of Matt-Man


The proper storyline needs to be elaborated upon by Joe Radford. I only seem to remember that Zoe Dickinson and Caroline Preynat-Viero were meant to appear as the central antagonists and Thomas Schubert was supposed to be cast as a Robin-like sidekick. At some point, Matt-Man would be imprisoned in the infamous "YUSU Prison", where he decided to stay imprisoned because he thought he needed to be punished.


According to the creator, this is Matt-Man's appearance: "So he’s the more bulky, muscly, physically imposing Batman. A little short, but very stocky. And also Matt has spray-painted 'Matt' across the bat symbol on his chest ofc, bc it’s important to him that everyone knows it’s actually him in the costume".