Richard Jones

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Richard Jones
Years Active: 2016 -
Positions Held: Head of Factual, 2018 -
Hometown: Darlington, County Durham
Current Location: York
Current Occupation: Glasshouse shill

Richard Jones (born 16 August 1999) is a York Film and Television Production student from Darlington, County Durham. He has produced and starred in several YSTV productions in addition to his role as Head of Factual.

Early life

Literally nothing notable happened to Richard until he joined YSTV as a fresher in 2017. This is lucky for me, because that's when I first met him. Unfortunately I don't know anything PG enough about him to write on this page.

Personal Life

Like most Film and Television students, his life is nothing without a camera rolling. Deprived of YSTV during his summers at home, he was forced to establish Boxed Globe Productions.


Year Film Credited as Notes
Director Writer Producer Actor Crew
2018 Hidden No No No Yes No
2018 The System No No Yes No No
2018 Roses 2018 No No No No Yes Dossed around with man flu
2018 Guide to Campus No No No Yes No
Never Philosopher's Corner No No No No No Probably never happening.

Awards and nominations

In 2018 Richard was nominated for and won a FLOPPY. This achievement was slightly lessened by the fact that everyone else did too.

Notable Quotes

Do you ever just feel like, being alive is too hard?

— Richard recovers from election results night

(This is literally the only quote I could find on the board)