Sam Hance

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Sam Hance
Years Active 2016 – 2019
Positions Held
Health and Safety Award for being Healthy and Safe (2017)
The Adobe CC Award for being a Celtic Creative (2018)
The David Attenborough Award for Excellence in Narration (2019)
DegreesBSc Film and Television Production

Sam joined YSTV in 2016 during his first year. Aspiring towards a career in film and TV, he studied the BSc in Film and TV Production. Sam was elected as Secretary at a by-election in February 2017 and he stayed in the role until becoming Head of Presentation in April 2018. A role held for a year. He now works as an Assistant Editor for factual entertainment TV shows.

Yeah Alright So What Did This Guy Actually Do?

In his first year, Sam sort of accidentally created Behind The Streams by recording behind the scenes in the downtime of the BBC Look North livestream and then editing it as a punchier stylised video. This was followed up by a public information styled Love York Awards video and a documentary loosley-styled Strong and Stable General Election Livestream video. More followed in subsequent years with advertisements, trailers and Train Journey shows being influences.

In second year when YSTV hadn't had a drama for some time, Sam made Last Page. A film set in the 1990s about a man trying to come to terms with his name being in the local highly read newspaper's obituary section. Throughout the years he has collaborated with several other producers including Hui-Ling Phillips and the Tom Lee. Sam and Tom made a number of Tea Time Chat's somewhat reviving it from a near death experience.

Over his years at the station Sam tried out different roles from camera to graphics to directing to floor managing to vision mixing. It is however his editing that many members will associate him with. With videos from Tea Time Chat, Love York Award, Behind The Streams, Last Page and First Dates to his name.

It's not just editing Sam has done however as he has dabbled in presenting with an episode of Tea Time Chat in 2017. He also took a major role in presenting and producing radio shows on URY for YSTV and a show with Tom McGonagle, If You've Heard This It's Already Too Late.

Head Of Presentation

One of the first things Sam did was introduce feedback sheets to give to Producers/Editors after reviewing their programme. They offer suggestions on improvements for that or future works and crucially positives in the programme. He also developed posters for the edit wall to give editors guidance if they get stuck and have nobody around to ask for help. Organising the entries for NaSTA 2019 was arguably the largest task Sam undertook. From organising what was being submitted to who was doing editing what; work started in the winter of 2018. Alongside Matthew Zeffertt and Thomas Schubert, he edited the winning Best Broadcaster entry as well as developing the graphics for it.


For most of Sam's YSTV journey he was the Secretary. He did everything you'd expect and got an updated risk assessment ((see FLOPPYs)).


Cameos in Last Page.