Sam Hance

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Sam Hance
Years Active: 2016 -
Positions Held: Head of Presentation
FLOPPYs Won: Health and Safety Award for being Healthy and Safe (2017)
The Adobe CC Award for being a Celtic Creative (2018)

Sam Hance joined YSTV in 2016 during his first year. Aspiring towards a career in film and TV, he studies the BSc in Film and TV Production. Sam was elected as Secretary at a by-election in February 2017. He was re-elected at the Elections of April 2017. Currently, he is the Head of Presentation.

Sam can often be found in the studio tidying, working, editing and learning about tech stuff.

Notable Achievements

Other Achievements

  • Camera Op'd Ask Look North (BBC Look North Collaboration)
  • Produced the Freshers Special of Team Time Chat with Tom Lee including the ident, titles and advert as well as the re-branding.
  • Been a crew member on Tea Time Chat for the majority of episodes, as a camera op, vision mixer, graphics op, editor, director and floor manager.
  • Co-Produced the Volunteering Special of Tea Time Chat with Tom Lee on the 21st April 2017.
  • Was an interviewer and editor on the coverage of the Aesthetica Film Festival in 2016.
  • Part of the production team at UniBrass 2017 in Harrogate.
  • Camera Op'd YUSU Elections Result Night 2017.
  • Worked on making the History Wiki more useful to members old and new.
  • Vision Mixed the pop-up debate post Ask Look North (BBC Look North Collaboration)
  • Won the FLOPPY for Health and Safety for being Healthy and Safe.
  • Presented Tea Time Chat 10 with Andy Tallon.
  • Edited the Love York Awards Special Recognition Award video.
  • Co-organised the Give It A Go in 2018.

Head Of Presentation

In the role, Hance has introduced a feedback sheet which is given to Producers/Editors for every show they submit for approval. These sheets give praise for what works well and suggestions for improvements, either immediate or in the next edition.

He is also working in maximising the use of the wall behind the edit PCs. Info sheets are currently (as of October 2018) being drafted up for guiding editors if they get stuck.

Apart from learning more post-production skills, Hance is also focussing on developing idents to play before each programme.


In Sam's time in the post he has worked on making it an efficient role, helping all of the members with various admin-related activities. This includes a quick response for email management, engagement with YUSU, and the minutes.

Minutes from meetings have been made more accessible with the implementation of a folder in the Team Drive. Like certain colleagues' emails, Sam has started putting the Logo on the header too, making it useful for identification when printed. Kind praise has been given for the minuting of major meetings that had a long runtime. Many a member has been surprised to find the whole discussion written down, even from an online call based meeting.