Piotrek Przyborowski

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Piotrek Przyborowski
Years Active 2017 – Present

Piotrek is an Polish FTP student who joined YSTV in early 2018. With Hidden being the first production he worked on, he quickly became an inofficial part of the Sound Team, often acting as Sound OP or Sound Recordist. Besides that, he is also known as YSTV's resident sport expert, often working on YSTV Sport and as Head of Commentating for Roses 2019. On these live streams, he can usually be found as vision mixer, commentator, graphics operator or general advisor (due to knowing more about any sport than literally anyone else in the team).

When he came along to Malham Cove in late 2018, he also revealed that he and Joseph Wharfe are amateur sheep herders, when they spend most of the trip chasing the poor animals around.