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YSTV Reports is one of the longest running factual programmes created by YSTV. Its episodes usually center around events happening on campus or in York, or other developments that might be of interest for students. The show does not have a clearly defined presentation style or aesthetic - this is usually down for how the respective producer wants to approach the topic. The reports can either be led by a presenter, revolve around one or more key interviews or be purely visual. In most cases however, YSTV Reports videos follow the interview+b-roll structure. Since the role's creation in 2018, the Head of Factual is also the executive producer of the programme. Even though videos like this have been a part of YSTV's content from the very beginning, it is unclear from when the YSTV Reports label has been in use.Unverified or incomplete information

Episodes 2017/18

# Episode Producer\Editor
1 York Cocoa House Sam Hance
2 Occupation of HesHall Edwin Barnes
3 Holi Hai Edwin Barnes
4 VC Koen Lamberts Raises the Pride Flag Edwin Barnes
5 Shakespeare's Rose Theatre Anastasia Arsentyeva

Episodes 2018/19

# Episode Producer\Editor
1 York Vibe Stephanie Shires\Thomas Schubert
2 Relay for Life Stephanie Shires\Thomas Schubert
3 Armistice Day ???
4 Carols at the Minster Olivia Gibbs
5 Courtyard's 10th Anniversary Thomas Schubert
6 #RentRant Charlotte Rogers\Klara Simonova
7 Mark Addy Interview Charlotte Rogers
8 #YouthStrike4Climate in York Edwin Barnes
9 Cat Cafe Klara Simonova
10 The Bishy Weigh Olivia Gibbs
11 Goodfest 2019 Jonathan Hughes
12 Haus of Dench Interview Tom McGonagle
13 York Pride Caroline Preynat-Viero\Adam Birtles
14 York Open Studios Stephanie Shires
15 Interview with Harmony Chorus Thomas Schubert
16 Protest in York Thomas Schubert
17 Global Climate Strike ???
18 Big D Jonathan Hughes

Episodes 2019/20

# Episode Producer\Editor
1 Vision x YSTV: Interview with Rachael Maskell MP Thomas Schubert
2 Interview with Joel Dommett Caroline Preynat-Viero
3 Yorkshire Marathon Klára Šimonová Ran Christer
4 The Devil in a New Dress Zoe Dickinson Tilly Garland / Marta Vitola
5 The Samaritans at the University of York Stephanie Shires Alize Akturk
6 SCOOP Zoe Dickinson Caroline Preynat-Viero
7 Abseiling Down Central Hall Will Stirk
8 Restart a Heart Klára Šimonová
9 UCU Strikes Gery Marianova
10 Labour Party Political Broadcast Klára Šimonová
11 Interview with Vice-Chancellor Charlie Jeffrey Klára Šimonová
12 Christian Union's Carols at the Minster Olivia Gibbs
13 Think Equal Klára Šimonová
14 The Vice-Chancellor's Statement on Coronavirus Olivia Gibbs Joe Radford
15 Aesthetica Film Festival Dan Derbyshire Johnny Hughes
16 Interview with Mark Laity Olivia Gibbs
17 Industrial Strike Action Q&A Klára Šimonová
18 Courtyard's 11th Birthday Olivia Gibbs/Jonathan Hughes
19 Free the Flow Caroline Preynat-Viero

Episodes 2020/21

Very few episodes of YSTV reports were produced in this academic year due to Covid-19. See instead Society Scoop and Coronavirus Update.

# Episode Producer\Editor
1 The Forest Joe Radford
2 University Coronavirus Response Protest Isobel Drury
3 What Were You Wearing Exhibit by Norman Rea Gallery Milly Glover

Episodes 2021/22

A new animated intro was created for YSTV reports in 2021.

# Episode Producer\Editor
1 Aestethica 2021 Marta Vītola
2 York Climate Protest 2021 Kira Moore
3 Freshers' Festival 2021 Alize Akturk and Zofia Zblewska
4 Jamnesty Anna Cornish
5 Courtyard's 13th Birthday Joe Radford
6 UCU Strikes 2022 Kira Moore
7 Canvas Ballon Painting Beth Marsch
8 Anne Lister Premiere Jed Wagman
9 York Creative Collision Bethan Rooms
10 Charity Touch Rugby Tournament Tom Morrison
11 York Pride 2022 Max Roach
12 NRG X HARD Modern Renaissance Festival Meg Maguire
13 Love York Awards 2022 Max Roach
14 College Cup 2022 Tom Morrison

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