Jonathan Hughes

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Jonathan Hughes
Years Active 2018 – Present
Positions Held

Jonathan (or as he is commonly referred to: Johnny or Sexy Johnny Hes East) joined YSTV as a fresher in 2018 and is considered a stand-out member, mostly for being so freaking tall. He has worked as camera operator, rigger and editor on several productions, and was elected Deputy Technical Director in 2019.

Besides his position in YSTV, Johnny works as a Student Ambassador for the uni. In his video about his week as a student, he plugged YSTV, which was very nice.

Sexy Johnny Hes East

(Editor's Note: He probably won't like this, but it's gotta be mentioned)

As a film and TV student, Johnny had to create a documentary about HesEast as part of a practical exercise. Unfortunately for him, his friend Manuel Ausin created a meme edit of the video, mostly mocking Johnny's height - and since that they he was known as Sexy Johnny Hes East.

Liza Mzimba

One of the most iconic Johnny moments came at the award show of NaSTA 2019. When YSTV stormed the stage to receive the Best Broadcaster award, Johnny walked up to presenter Liza Mzimba and confessed his admiration for his work - well audible for the audience and everyone watching the livestream.