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Genre: Cooking
First Broadcast: 23rd January 2017
Producer(s): Raquel Bartra
Katherine Bell

YorKitchen is a budget (but posh) cooking show presented by Raquel Bartra and produced by herself and Katherine Bell. Raquel just wanted to buy a chef hat, Kat just wanted to do something in the Easter Break, so they decided to just do the show. It mainly consists on Raquel trying to be funny whilst cooking something fancy, mixed up with outtakes of her doing silly things such as drinking the wine, eating the ingredients, shouting at the food, and trying to give some historical facts on when did a recipe originated.



Raquel makes Tarragon Chicken with stolen wine.

Episode 2

Raquel makes Emoji Casserole

Episode 3

Raquel makes 'Raquel's Very Fancy Beef Stroganoff (with mustard)'

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