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Alick is a smelly cantankerous old fool, who has equated to the creepy uncle.

Alick Perigo in a dapper Bandana


In January of 2015, after a long UCAS afternoon, Alick was indoctrinated by Sam Nicholson. Many a time had Sam and Alick bantered back and forth on UCAS days. A friendly banter, with which Sam would join in on some of the jokes that Alick would introduce during the tours of the Digital Media Suite (now defunked). This particular day Alick was intrigued by Sam's grumbles about refreshers fair, and Director training. Deciding he had nothing better to do, he followed Sam to the YSTV studio where he was introduced to the ginger fluff ball known as Peter Eskdale. During this time, Sam logged into the YSTV website making Alick an official unpaid member. In the week following Alick became so enamered with YSTV that he paid membership.


In the weeks following his indoctrination Alick agreed,after some badgering from Sam and Helen, to run for WebMaster. A position not currently held in YSTV. During the a station meeting in early February Alick was asked to give a short stirring speech to enthuse people into voting for him. As a result Alick holds the record for Shortest speech given for a position within YSTV standing at 1 word, "Hi!" Despite running for WebMaster it turns out that Alick knows next to nothing about PHP and HTML5. No-one seems to have noticed this amazing lack in talent. Also in his first few weeks in YSTV Alick has managed to achieve infamy on the Quotes board he is quoted as being "Very Proud" of this accomplishment.


Alick has managed to succesfully integrate his way into YSTV. A spy for several major organisations, no one has made him as yet.

Sam Nicholson - His relationship with Sam is that of friend, councilor, mentor, and a-guy-he-does-lewd-and-embarrassing-things-to. Though Sam has shown remarkable resilliance to Alicks annoying habits, it is only a matter of time before he is brought into the fold. In short it could be argued that they are a bad influence on each other.

Edit PC1 - no one has noticed the smell yet... I think we're safe

Work Performed

Alick Has currently assisted in the following work:

Spotlight - Camera-Op

60 Second Manifestos 2015 - Glutton-for-Punishment, and Green Screen Technical Adviser.