Andrew Battersby

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Andrew Battersby
Years Active 2017 – Present
Positions Held
HometownBognor Regis, West Sussex
Current LocationYork

Andrew, also affectionately known as ‘Boom Bitch’ or ‘Boom Boi’, is one of only three people in the world who can use sound equipment with a modicum of understanding. He can often be found stroking microphones in the tech cupboard and crying over their beauty with his sidekick Joseph Wharfe. He enjoys making his tea in unusual ways.


Having worked on The System it’s a miracle that Andrew stayed with YSTV, but he has now been claimed as the friendly neighbourhood sound operator and has since worked on The SU - a shoot on which he kindly helped Joseph Wharfe make it long as documented with the legendary quote ‘I’ll help you make it longer. You just pull it and hold it tight to make it longer.’

His kindness was obviously appreciated and he has since worked on many YSTV productions - usually forced against his will to do sound when no one else could. For example, Andrew acted as sound editor for Hidden and a variety of other interesting and fun events including Roses 2018 (one of the few events where he branched out of sound into other areas, such as directing and shouting at camera 3 to focus on an unnamed person).


Andrew is a very loved member of YSTV. Loved not only for his proficiency with sound equipment also his top notch humour and ability to pull a mean pint.

According to the quotes board Andrew is also only a mere 13 years old so is arguably a child prodigy -

Andrew: I'm way older than you. I was born in '97.
Steph: Oh, so you're like... 13.

Behold Andrew - the boom boi (and / or bitch)

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