Greg Ebdon

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Greg Ebdon
Computing Officer headshot, summer 2012.
Computing Officer headshot, summer 2012.
Active in YSTV 2010–2014
Positions Held Photographer (unofficial, 2011–2012)
Computing Officer (2012–13)
Deputy Computing Officer (2013)
FLOPPY Awards Best Use of the Costume Drawer (2011)
YSTV Mum (2012)
The 'Are You Even Human?' Award (2013)
The Just Hold Me Award (2014)
Current Location Surrey
Current Occupation Support Engineer for Pebble Beach Systems,
a broadcast automation software company
(like Tarantula, but real)
Degrees BSc Physics with Astrophysics (2009–2012)
MA Digital Film and Television Production (2012–2013)

Lover of musicals and such. Will find this eventually and write something interesting. - Matt Johnson, 2011

EDIT: Found this. Still not interesting. - Greg Ebdon, 2012

Creator of the most-watched (and fastest-watched) video in YSTV's history, the Guide to Colleges. Rewrote the Constitution & Policy and directed a complete asset audit in 2013. Presided over the great web server crash of Easter 2013. Created the YSTV test cards. Participated in development of the HD Roadmap before YSTV's transition to digital HD broadcasting, and the discussion of an accompanying studio move. Created the Station Meeting minutes archive and sourced over 5 years' worth of lost minutes. Founded the short-lived Commercial Workshop with Sarah David and created the station Image Library after doing the members photoshoots. Got involved with Union after finishing university and ended up as the series DoP, completing six episodes (well, only a couple of scenes of the NUS one), editing the trailer and contributing to the DVD commentaries. Even many months after leaving YSTV, people still keep getting him to do voiceovers...

YSTV inspired him into thinking that TV and film were something that normal people like him could actually do, so he went and did a postgrad in it. He's now trying to justify that decision.

You can now add to your accolades that you basically wrote the NaSTA encoding standards. - Calum Brookes, NaSTA Technical Officer, 2014

Greg is the person that links the gifs. - Thomas Cheyney, 2014

HCtULA1.gif. - Greg Ebdon, 2014


A capitalised position is an official one bestowed by someone in charge/a vote. Other positions are just a description of what I did.

  • YSTV Three Peaks Challenge (Children in Need 2014) - voiceover
  • Guide to Colleges 2014 - additional VO
  • Woodstock 2014 - director/vision mixer for the first and penultimate acts, presented (with Chris Wall and Ellen Dunbavin) for two brief slots, did the Marzec Group's sound mix with David Heaton, really enjoyed that JSS played Pink Floyd's High Hopes and Show of Hands' Are We Alright over the iPod
  • Union - Director of Photography, edit consultant (6 episodes, 2013-14)
  • Children in Need 2013 - voiceover
  • Live & Loud 2013 - motion graphics
  • 4Four - stream supervisor (episode 1)
  • Woodstock 2013 - Co-Producer, motion graphics, rigger, computing supervisor, technical assistant, editor, vision mixer, director
  • Live on the Lawn 2013 - lighting designer, editor, audio editor
  • Roses 2013 - motion graphics, computing supervisor, website development, marketing
  • YUSU Elections 2013 - computing supervisor, rigger, editor
  • NaSTAVision 2013 - stream supervisor, editor
  • YSTV Reports: Jekyll & Hyde - producer, presenter, camera operator, editor
  • Freshers' Week 2011 - camera operator, marketing
  • Woodstock 2011 - rigger, camera operator, vision mixer, director
  • YSTV's Christmas Carol - actor (John Scroogé)