YSTV's Guide to Colleges 2012

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YSTV's Guide to Colleges 2012
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Poster image created for the Guide to Colleges, showing one of St Lawrence Court's quads in Halifax with a superimposed YSTV logo.
Genre: Freshers, Documentary
Broadcast: 16 August 2012
Producer(s): Greg Ebdon

The Guide to Colleges, a one-man production in July-August 2012 by Greg Ebdon, is YSTV's most-watched and fastest-watched production of all time (as of March 2014).


Inspired by Steven Perring's work with YSTV's Fresher's Guide to York in 2010, Greg decided to update the out-of-date Colleges video to include the changes to campus (most notable on Heslington East with the opening of Langwith College). The Guide to Colleges is designed to be a video tour of all the different accommodation options across the university for newly-accepted freshers filling in their accommodation preferences.

After 3 weeks of development, shooting and editing, with the assistance of over 30 people from the university's management, YUSU, and an intro from YUSU President Kallum Taylor, the 18-minute video was released on UCAS Results Day. Thanks to promotion by the university (particularly Accommodation Services, who were very keen on the concept) across social media, on their website, and by posting on sites such as The Student Room, the video passed 1,000 views in under 4 hours. And kept going - with 10,000 views by the start of term. It eventually passed Checkmate to become the most-watched video in YSTV's history, with over 15,000 total views.

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