YSTV's Fresher's Guide to York

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YSTV's Fresher's Guide to York
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Genre: Factual
Broadcast: 2010
Producer(s): Steven Perring

YSTV's Fresher's Guide to York was the brainchild of Steven Perring who, in Easter 2010 decided that it would be great if YSTV could produce a guide to York, showing typical rooms and telling the freshers what it's really like at the University of York.

Unfortunately Steven did not realise that the university were not all that happy about showing what the university was really like and he had to convince several people in the university that it was a good idea. He pushed on, and after a mammoth 17 week production schedule, and Premiere Pro breaking several times, the guide was completed and put online the manual way, and the website encoders just happened to be down.

After several complaints from Langwith and Derwent Colleges that their part of the guide wasn't exactly the same as all the other colleges, despite their lack of support in the project. New interviews were conducted with the Derwent JCRC and Sam Asfahani, the then YUSU York Sport Sabb, and a Langwith Alumni. This newer video was launched on the site with the tagline "now with 100% more Langwith and Derwent" - this video quickly became the forth most watched video of all time on the YSTV website.

On 24th August the Colleges part of the guide was officially the most watched video on the YSTV website.

The Guide also included a guide to the City of York presented by Alexander Prowse and a guide to fresher's week and how to make the most out of being a fresher presented by Michael Miller.

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