The Ultimate Challenge

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The Ultimate Challenge
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Genre: Quiz
First Broadcast: 10 February 2011
Producer(s): Michael Miller, Sanat Misra, Kieron Moore, Christopher Parker cat = Productions

The Ultimate Challenge (commonly known as TUC) is YSTV's flagship long-running live (mostly) quiz show. Originally created by Michael Miller and Sanat Misra, and presented by Michael, it has been YSTV's most regular live broadcast for a while (until the arrival of Monday Evening Live) and is used to train many new members on equipment, directing and many aspects of live shows. It is also a recent example of adventurous set design - Mike Chislett created its trademark floating letters, suspended by wire from the grid, and the lighting scheme that gives the show its trademark blue colour (TUC Blue) - and technical innovation, as it was the catalyst for the creation of the TUC Buzzers.

Later series have been presented by Tanya Cook and Lucy Walters, and produced by Kieron Moore (from January 2012) then Christopher Parker (from early 2013).


Two teams of two contestants face each other across the desk and compete for points. The show contains three main rounds - the Rapid Round, the Challenge Round and the Ultimate Round. Rapid and Ultimate are buzzer-based general knowledge questions. For the Challenge, the contestants have to perform a task - usually drawing something ridiculous, inventing song lyrics, blowing up balloons, a picture spin quiz or anything that can be thought of by the producer.

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