Kieron Moore

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Summer 2012

Kieron joined YSTV in the autumn term of 2011 not long after the Freshers' Fair and by the end of his first term had ran for Assistant Production Director whilst sat on the lap of Steven Perring. Within a year, Kieron had thoroughly signed his soul away to YSTV, having gone through all the necessary induction rituals such as embarrassing himself at NaSTA by kissing Mark Friend live on NUTS, presenting Woodstock with a rainbow and butterfly on his face, and becoming elected to a major committee position.

Armed with a studio key, a hidden reserve of red wine for when times get tough, and a slightly not-quick-enough wit, Kieron just about managed to hold the world of YSTV production and his own mental stability together.

Pioneered the Production Team slogan of "realitate your imagispheres". Kieron has also been present on YSTV's unofficial social to IKEA - though his behaviour was described by Alex Williams as "like holding onto a slinky in the M.C. Escher room", he did successfully welcome new member Morrissey into the society.

Posts Held:

Shows Produced:

Outside of producing shows, Kieron's achievements include naming the first Christmas Imbroglio, though he had to make a title sequence to be allowed that honour, and appearing on Front Row after making Tom Woffenden sit through the tedious drivel that is David Lynch's Dune.