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Cast of Union: Ed Steiner (James Wood), Neil Day (Andy Watts), Chloe Kennedy (Lixie Stott), Hannah Knight (Lily Luty), Mark Noble (Chris Wall).
Genre: Comedy, Satire
First Broadcast: 16 November 2013
Producer(s): Kieron Moore
Tom Woffenden

Union is a fly-on-the-wall satirical comedy series based around the five sabbatical officers of a fictional students' union.


Episode 1
The first day on the job should be a breeze for Chloe Kennedy, YourUnion's new president. All she has to worry about is a little interview with the editor of Vox.
Episode 2
Chloe's organised an event for students to get to know their YourUnion officers. But will anyone show up?
Christmas Special
Chloe organises a Secret Santa to get the YourUnion officers into the festive spirit. Linda from Health and Safety Services is trying to get hold of her, but surely it can't be that important?
Episode 3
The YourUnion NUS delegates are in Liverpool to set the course of student politics nationwide - but how will Chloe keep control of an over-excited Mark and an increasingly bored Ed?
Have I Got News for UNION
Chloe and Mark have been invited onto Comedy Society's rip-off of a popular BBC panel show. Luckily the host is a lovely guy who definitely won't mention that mix-up with YourUnion finances.
Episode 4
Chloe's finally done something worth showing off - she's re-organised the student bus routes. Now she just has to catch a bus so she can tell the press all about it.
Episode 5
There's cardboard all over the paths and you can't walk anywhere without being shouted at by a loser in a silly costume. That's right, it's YourUnion elections season - but has Chloe done enough to stave off unemployment for another year?



  • Lixie Stott as Chloe Kennedy (President)
  • Lily Luty as Hannah Knight (Academic Officer)
  • Andy Watts as Neil Day (Sport Officer)
  • James Wood as Ed Steiner (Welfare Officer)
  • Chris Wall as Mark Noble (Democratic Development Officer)

Recurring characters

  • Chloe Abley as Camille, reporter for student newspaper Vox
  • Kieron Moore as Chris Ball, presenter for Campus TV; and Nargoul the Dreadslayer
  • Tom Woffenden as Callum Taylor
  • Mungo Tatton-Brown as Duncan Darlington-Whit, a rival candidate for President
  • Harry Whittaker as Patrick Mulch, presenter for Campus Radio
  • James Monaghan as Health and Safety Officer
  • James Moore as Johnny
  • Grace Winpenny as Jess


Filming locations

  • Locations in Union were predominantly filmed in their real-life counterparts. The actual YUSU offices were used during weekends while staff were away - lightly redressed for the characters, and to replace visible YUSU logos with that of YourUnion. Similarly, YSTV and URY doubled for Campus TV and Campus Radio studios respectively.
  • For Episode 3, a skeleton cast and crew of five traveled to Liverpool to film scenes at the 2014 NUS conference.
  • The election night scenes of Episode 5 were filmed in Wentworth's Edge bar.


  • The character of Callum Taylor was originally planned to be portrayed by then YUSU president (and namesake) Kallum Taylor. However, Taylor was found unavailable on the day of filming, leading to the last-minute casting of producer Tom Woffenden. He was bloody awesome.

Home media release

Union was released on DVD and Blu-ray after the release of Episode 5 in June. An exclusive commentary track was recorded for each of the episodes.

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All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.... Especially Chris Ball. He's not based on anyone.