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Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Deputy Technical Director 2013-14.

Eskdale's Assembly

A show idea enthusiastically discussed at the Courtyard after several station meetings. Following Peter Eskdale's appearances as an extra in shows such as Campus: A Tale of Terrors and Union, it was proposed that YSTV make their own version of Marvel's Avengers Assemble - "Eskdale's Assembly" - with Peter starring as the director of a secretive organisation attempting to unite heroes from a number of stories within the "YSTV Universe": Mark Noble from Union, Layla Bennett from Campus, Man Man, David Bowie (as portrayed in The Christmas Imbroglio Strikes Back) and Vivien Chung of Checkmate fame. Why he would feel the need to do so was considered a minor detail.

The concept was popular with a certain Technical Director, who was quick to set up as an email alias for Peter.

Peter's presence in YSTV productions continued to grow, with references made within the 2013 Christmas Imbroglio and Union ("Eskdale Road"). Whether the show will ever become a reality remains to be seen, although it would undoubtedly be a sure winner at the NaSTA Awards.