Christmas Imbroglio III: The Search for Santa

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Produced by Emily Torricelli, it's kind of a sequence to The Christmas Imbroglio Strikes Back. The show consist of a series of VT of Startrek theme, as well as a Live game show.

‘YSTV Trek: The Trouble With Tinsel’

The VTs turned out well. Our NaSTA feedback praised the vfx (well done, Peter!). In the editing process, I realised that we could have done with getting more coverage of the outdoor shots. I recommend using Bob Horton as an actor again as he’s rather good. Also I am never editing anything with effects in it again.

Live broadcast

Again, went well. Our NaSTA feedback was generally positive, but suggested tighter scripting, which I agree with as it would have helped things keep moving so rounds wouldn’t have to be cut. Also, presenters and crew could have been better briefed.

Producer notes

Overall I think this went well. Last year’s Imbroglio turned out better, but this year’s was still funny. I would suggest it be co-produced or have shadow producers do the VTs as it’s a lot for one producer to handle on their own.

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