Anna Bucks

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Anna Bucks

Anna joined YSTV in October 2007, and soon became known as "the one who doesn't shut up about working at Sky News". After a brief stint as co-Scheduling Manager (with Simon Jones) which often involved leaping out of bed at 9am to schedule that day's programmes, she was voted in as Production Director at the 2008 AGM. Anna produced and presented the news and debate show "YorkEye", and produced Children In Need 2008. Anna is now YUM chair and YSTV Social Secretary, representing all the campus media societies.

Anna Bucks filming 60 Second Manifestos for Elections 2009

In January 2009, Anna bought together York's campus newspaper Nouse and YSTV, producing news packages for She was subsequently given the new role of "Video Editor" at Nouse and won the NUS Best Student Broadcaster award. The new Nouse/YSTV partnership resulted in YSTV's video hits increasing from 1,000 a month to over 11,000 in March 2009, and advertising of the TV stream in Nouse's live blogging coverage actually overloaded and broke the streaming system when it was first used for York Come Dancing, leading to the expansion of the live streaming servers.

Anna's slightly embarrassing appearance on Have I Got News For York, as well as her interview with John Lloyd, in front of an audience of 300, led to the nickname "YSTV's Anna Bucks".