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at the bar

NaSTA 1996 was hosted at UEA by Nexus, and was held over a couple of days. A contingent of 6 people from YSTV went along (Chris Kwouk, Sarah Davies, Andy Robinson, Claire Mace, Sophie Dennis and Owain Davies). This was in contrast to the previous few years when attendance was low to non-existent. Accommodation was based in a very high standard student block, with ensuite facilities and a walk-in shower area.

The first night involved a representative from each station standing up and giving an "overview of the year" - Sarah got landed with this, and accompanied her speech with a highlights montage from YUSU Elections 1996, painstakingly put together by her and Owain to ensure as little roll as possible. The main feature of the event was the customary meal/awards ceremony. Unfortunately, YSTV did not leave with any silverware (from the awards that is). The standard of entries from the other stations was high (GUST, is a good example) and noticeably roll free. To be fair the categories were biased away from the live output programme format so beloved by the station at the time.

At the time, we had no idea that YSTV would end up hosting NaSTA 1997...


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