Sarah Davies

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Sarah was an active member of YSTV between 1992 and 1996. For the year 1993-1994 she was Station Manager - as this coincided with the year that YSTV was homeless before the move to G/046, she holds the dubious distinction of being the only Station Manager who didn't actually have a working station to manage.

Sarah tried to stay behind the camera as much as possible, and spent most of her time directing, floor managing, and swearing at the old Sony Umatic editing suite (if you don't know, it's best not to ask). She edited a number of "Review of the Year" pieces, and the first "Joker in the Pack" among other things. She was also on the production team for two Election Nights (1993 and 1996).

Now working in IT and living in Berkshire. Since leaving York in September 1996, she has avoided the Old Farts reunions for big broadcasts and hasn't set foot in YSTV - something which will be rectified at YSTV40. It probably hasn't changed that much :-)