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In most years from ???? to 1996Unverified or incomplete information a round-up of the year's activities was edited together to form a review of what the station was doing. These were heavily used as Promos subsequently, and so have a good survival rate in the station's archive.


Presented as a talking head shot according to tapelog, need to watch this one again (VHSA23).


Covering the last year in P/X/002, the clock at the start has the caption "In our first year...oops!" or something similar, which is an in-joke reference to the influx of freshers that year and a catchphase of Alan Murrell. Edited by Sarah Davies to Queen's 'One Vision'.


Covering the period from the opening of YSTV's new studio in G/046 through to May 1995, this was edited by "The Infamous Sarah and Adam" (Sarah Davies and Adam Baxter ) according to it's leader clock. It draws heavily on other material from the date, including Breakthru at the start and Men of YSTV 1995 at the end. Several rather poor quality copies exist on Umatic, but the best quality one is from Emma Winter's VHS memory tape, which remains a very crisp piece of editing.

These later became the stations's Best Broadcaster entries for the NaSTA awards, resulting in them being edited earlier in the spring term for the Easter awards.

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