Emma Winter

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Emma Winter

Part of the 1994-95 intake. She was a keen soapfan and was able to drop right into Soapwatch, which she co-presented with Elise Ashcroft and co-produced with a slightly less enthused Luke Brown. Her fondness for storylines and tit bits of information from "the close" earned her the title "Brookie Babe".

Always comfortable on the sofa, she was able to throw herself into most roles, including one of Brian's girlfriends in Mark Hansgate's "3-to-1". During the filming, she partook in the challenging fair ground attraction of "hook the duck", much to the consternation of her co-star Chris Barker. Her efforts were rewarded with a purple (toy) snake, which it is believed she treasures to this day.

She was elected to the role of Secretary during her first year. At the 1996 AGM she stood for and was elected to the post of Station Manager, but not after a significant amount of lobbying to set her sights higher. The preturbations before this AGM gave rise to some pointed questions from the floor during the proceedings.

One of her most notable achievements was as producer of Children In Need 95, where she was able not only to produce the program, but, with equal vigour, co-ordinate fund raising activities. Her hard work resulted in over 1000 pounds being collected on the night.

Unfortunately, in her latter years, she drifted away to concentrate on her degree.