Old Farts

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Old Farts is the "affectionate" group name given by YSTV to describe its former members, or alumni.

Old Farts regularly return to help with major events such as Freshers' Fair, Children In Need, YUSU Election Nights and Woodstock, sometimes many years after graduation, and YSTV is fairly unique among societies at York in having former active members return so regularly. The term is thought to originate from around 1996, and it has been suggested it was first used by Graham Quince to describe the large amount of people who graduated that summer.

The YSTV Messageboard, Facebook and online programming have helped in recent years in maintaining contact with former members. The YSTV HistoryWiki in particular is the biggest project in recent years hoping to attract the attention of Old Farts in order to fill the many gaps in YSTV's history.