Owain Davies

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Owain joined the society in his second year (1993-94). He had stumbled across the Election 93 coverage on the Wentworth monitor towards the tail end of his first year and thought it looked like good fun. He went for the lofty heights of Technical Director in 1994, but lost out to Paul Hollow, and in the end he settled for the position of Network EngineerUnverified or incomplete information.

Early on in 1994-95, he nursed the rookie crew for SU, Lies and Videotape. During this year he tried his hand at most things, however only ventured once into the role of serious news presenter. On this occassion he caused one of the (two) guests to storm out of the studio and shout so loud at the director (Kate Gordon) that it could be heard in the studio.

He completed his undergraduate studies in 1995, but unexpectedly came back as a postgrad the following academic year and jumped straight back in to the society. During the first year of his return he set about writing a new front end for the scheduler and was responsible for the design concept for the replacement broadcast network. He went on to install this in Vanbrugh college, where it is still in use to this day.

Unfortunately, his efforts on the broadcast network had taken it's toll, and he drifted away from the society to concentrate on his postgrad studies. Fortunatley, a little while later Rob Sprowson came along and picked up where Owain had left off and was able to see the new broadcast network through to completion.