Anthony Laverty

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Anthony, also known as Anto and Irish guy, first experienced YSTV under pressure from James College flatmate Rowan de Pomerai with guest appearances (alongside Vanky) in The Review and The Great Big Massive YSTV Christmas Quiz Game Show Thingy 2003. He cemented his place as a YSTV favourite during his stint as weather man on YSTV Week, beginning in April 2004. These reports would usually be filled with wild gesticulation and the threat that prevailing winds might upset the balance of the local duck population. For a period he gave information about particular days to celebrate that week - the most well remembered being November 20th's "Zumbi Day - a celebration of black consciousness".

Anthony also served as Treasurer and Social Secretary to the society. His period as the latter was a success, apart from the occasion when he organised a social to The Gallery and then didn't turn up. His discovery the next day of a number of voicemail messages featuring most of the active members of the society singing "Call On Me, Tony" very loudly and drunkenly in the aforementioned club to the tune of the number one hit of the period perhaps reinforced this.

He graduated in summer 2006.