Adam Hawkes

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I got involved in YSTV in my second year, and having been doing lighting for various drama and music productions took on looking after the studio lighting. Then along came Keith Hide-Smith and his mad idea of Breaker 88 for which I took on the role of Lighting Director and had the unenviable task of lighting all the various venues. Perhaps the most amazing part for me was when I had to approach Site Services to get power supplies for all the lights in rooms in various parts of the campus. What was amazing was that they willingly installed additional cabling and supplies and in one case ran a band new three-phase supply into Goodricke and all for no cost.

Also I wrote a musical station ident theme to go with the unfolding version of the Cube logo on a white background as part of my Music & Film project within my Music degree.

It was great fun... I'm in the following picture sitting on the sofa in a brown jacket taken from Breaker 88