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Matt Johnson
Summer 2012
Deputy Station Director, Summer 2012.
Active in YSTV 2010–2015
Positions Held Deputy Station Director (2012–2014)
Scheduling Manager (2014-15)
Current Location Manchester
Current Occupation IT Support with Greater Manchester Police
Degrees MPhys Physics (2009–2013)
BSc Archaeology (2012–2015)

Started at York in October 2009 and made first foray into YSTV appearing on Your Answer's Rubbish in Summer 2010 after being egged on by Vivan Jayant. After moving into 84 Thief Lane for 2010/11, the draw became stronger and dabbling was undertaken in Platform as well as Woodstock 2011.

Eventually successfully auditioned to anchor the ill-fated Newsrind, presenting alongside Michael Miller and Greg Ebdon. Particular notority gained after following the script when asked to chew the corner of it, then filmed eating the entire thing for use in the closing credits. Footage of which is now lost in the sands of time after the great server crash of Summer 2011.

Wrote and starred in the first episode of sketch show People Are Strange. After Executive Producer Marie Mills was struck down by tonsillitis, ended up single-handedly organising and undertaking auditions, whilst sorting filming schedules over five days. Entirety of filming was then completed over one weekend with directing and camera assistance from Vivan Jayant.

Numerous appearances on The Ultimate Challenge, including as part of the University Brass Band, beating the boys from Humble Pie. Took over The York Sport Show from 2012/13, and organised coverage of Roses 2013.

A late addition as a guest on The Christmas Imbroglio Strikes Back, teamed with a cardboard cut-out of Severus Snape. Snape ended up being a little on the quiet side, and they were comfortably beaten by Grace Winpenny and Bobby-Jo Dearnley.

After gaining a 'Dad' and then 'Grandad' mantle from Autumn 2012, stepped back a little from usual production crewing. Moved to concentrating on directing and editing, including organising training for these with the assistance of Chris Wall, Kieron Moore, and Helen Hobin. Fairly regularly got lost down the editing rabbit hole, especially with NaSTA 2013 and 2014

Had a very silly idea with Sam Nicholson to attempt the Three Peaks Challenge in 2014. Better yet, they did it with cameras that summer for Children in Need 2014. Took up the role of Scheduling Manager for final year in York, with last big projects including being part of Team Best Broadcaster for NaSTA 2015.

Returned to his old sport coverage stomping grounds to direct the opening ceremony of Roses 2015. Notable for a number of live boxing matches, as well as an interview with England Manager Roy Hodgson alongside Chancellor of the university and Chairman of the Football Association Greg Dyke. Broadcast appeared to be successful, despite Matt surviving with a 'minimalistic' running order.

Matt finally left YSTV in the summer of 2015, with his last on-screen appearance pulling an obligatory stupid face at the end of the Hello Goodbye show.

He currently lives with Alex Buckley in Manchester, working in IT for the police. He is starting to understand the techie's pain.

Shows Produced

YSTV 3Peaks - Snowdon. Summer 2014

Freshers 2013 - Guide to York, and Promo 2013 (with Alex Buckley)

Idents - Flasher (Summer 2011), Paper and Ducks 2012 (Summer 2012)

People Are Strange - Episodes One and Three (Spring/Summer 2012)

The York Sport Show - Roses 2013 coverage

UYBB UniBrass2012 - Spring 2012

YSTV 3Peaks - Summer/Autumn 2014 (with Sam Nicholson and Helen Hobin)

YSTV Reports - Investigating Painting: Presenting the Predella (Summer 2012), National Student Demo 2012 (Autumn 2012)


YUM Awards 2013 - Best Sports Coverage (Roses 2013), Best Illustration (Ducks 2012)

NaSTA People's Choice Awards 2015 - Open Category (YSTV 3Peaks)


2011 - Friendliest Member

2012 - Best Father

2013 - Sports Personality of the Year

2014 - The Old Spice Award

2015 - Our Favourite Biscuit