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* 1998-2000 [[Never Mind The Rip-Off]]
* 1998-2000 [[Never Mind The Rip-Off]]
* 1998-1999 [[50%]]
* 1998-1999 [[50%]]
* 1998-1999 [[The Hand Job]]
* 1999 [[The Hand Job]]
* 1998-1999 [[Too Clever by Half]]
* 1998-1999 [[Too Clever by Half]]
* 1999-2003 [[Games Disaster]]
* 1999-2003 [[Games Disaster]]

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YSTV has had some incredibly varied programmes over the years. Add information to this timeline for an overview. There is an "official" YSTV productions page with links to our watch online section and so on, but it only lists the recent shows we know about. This page aims to collect a much more extensive list, more information on the shows and links to off-site video and the like. If you'd like to add more information about a particular programme, make a page for it.

Note that this page is for regular programmes. See the separate pages for One-offs and Events Coverage.

Where only one date is listed, this is the year of first broadcast



Politics / Current Affairs


Quizzes / Game Shows

Light Entertainment


Factual / Educational


  • 1992 Breakfast in Edinburgh

Presentation/Off air filler

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