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Genre: News
First Broadcast: 1989
Last Broadcast: 1990
Producer(s): Robin Leeper and David Roberts

002 was YSTV's current affairs programme during 1989/1990, alongside Bulletin as a weekly news output.

It was named after YSTV's home, P/X/002, and featured a very 1989 title sequence which started by entering the YSTV studio and showed the presenters on location gathering news and opinions. The show itself featured interviews with campus politicians and figures. It was shown every lunchtime at 1:15pm followed by Neighbours at 1:30pm, and repeated in the evening. The presenting was revolved amongst new people each day, so the quality varied quite widely. Control room crew seems to have frequently been a problem, leading to inventive things being put into the closing credits (generated on a BBC) like "Hal 9000" (computer op), "Mr Stereo" (VT) and "Mike Flex" (Engineering) (these are all from one show!).

The show's Grapevine slide

YSTV holds a surprising amount of footage for this one - a number of full editions and also the raw title sequence. These can be seen on the YSTV website. The titles are also useful in showing what P/X/002 looked like.

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