Week by Week

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Week by Week
Genre: News
First Broadcast: 15 June 1994
Last Broadcast: 1997
Producer(s): Andrew Hawkins 1995-6
John Barratt 1996-7

Week by Week was YSTV's news programme from the opening of the Goodricke studio through to summer 1997.

During 1995-6 it was shown every Wednesday afternoon in the station's regular daily broadcast slot at 6pm. During this time there were also experiments with daily lunchtime news and weather bulletins.

It was one of the first programs to bear witness to the rise of the Commodore Amiga.

In the Archive

As well as clips in compilations from the period and a few tapes' worth of editions from the three years the show was in production, YSTV now possesses the first episode from 15th of June 1994 (also the first programme from G/046). Generally of good quality in the live studio sections, it suffers from very poor VT sections, possibly due to a gen-locking problem as the appearance is of a colour wash over back and white footage. As the studio wasn't even officially open at this point, the set is almost non-existent, with a couple of monitors being used to show story titles behind the presenters. These seem to have got out of order, with considerable flicking round to get the right story up on screen.

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