Never Mind The Rip-Off

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Never Mind The Rip-Off
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Broadcast: 1998/2000
Producer(s): Graham Quince
Alex Hudson

Never Mind The Rip-Off was, as the name suggests, a straight rip-off of BBC2's Never Mind The Buzzcocks. The titles formed another rip-off, being composed of music video clips taped from MTV (in some cases still with the MTV overlay visible!).

Graham Quince as host

There were two editions made, the first in 1998 (produced and presented by Graham Quince who had actually graduated a year previously!) and the second in 2000 (presented by James Brookes and shown as part of Election Night 2000).

The first made use of two BBC Micros for scoring, using custom software written by Matt Hammond, coupled to Cub monitors hidden in the set allowed large colour graphical scores to be shown.

In the Archive

The titles are recorded twice on Umatic U1 a short distance apart. The content is the same, but the first copy has the audio level far too high and distorted, where as the second one is at a more reasonable level. Record date is 1st November 1998.

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