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Sound Space
Genre: Music
First Broadcast: Spring 1998
Producer(s): Paul Soulsby

Sound Space was YSTV's music review programme in the late 90s.

It featured music news, chart rundowns and the latest videos and ran for 3 series (only a couple of episodes were made in the 3rd series).

Series 3 was the only series to have an on screen presenter. Series 1 & 2 had a Acorn generated computer backgrounds with a voice over.

In 2000Unverified or incomplete information there was also a special "Sound Space Live 5h", which as its name suggests was a live 5 hour show. Largely this was made up of improvised music from Paul Soulsby and presenter Peter Bowles, including electronic keyboard music from a JenSX analogue keyboard which had been hastily repaired a few weeks earlier in the Techie room.

There was an idea to bring the show back during Autumn 2003 because of the lack of other productions - however the advent of The Music Show meant this didn't happen.

Screengrabs can be seen [here].


Both series featured a 3D render of the shows title superimposed over an oscilloscope showing the waveform of the title music. This is interspersed with clips of music videos featured in the show.

Series 1 - Red text rendered on the Amiga. The music is Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up by Pink Floyd. The original Umatic of these titles still exists. The VHS archive of this series is currently missing.

Series 2 and 3 - Yellow text rendered on the then new Apple edit suite. The music is One More Chance by the Pet Shop Boys. Various episodes of these series are archived on VHS.

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