40th Anniversary Birthday Party

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Event Information

The 40th Birthday logo.

To celebrate the YSTV's 40th birthday, we held a celebration on 30th June 2007. Taking place on the campus at the University of York in Vanbrugh College, the event included brief talks about some of the most important events in YSTV's history and talks from some of the station's most notable alumni.

As well as the dinner and talks, many ex-members got to see YSTV's current studio (now in Goodricke G/046) and also to take a look at photos, videos and information from the station's archive. Much of this material was subsequently put into the YSTV 40 DVD to produce a permanent record of the event.

It provided a fantastic opportunity for many members, past and present to meet up with the key people from across the station's history, as well as their own friends from the station. After the dinner a Jazz quartet played for an hour or so, and then we all decamped into the bar to talk the night away until the event closed at 1am. Lots and lots of cameras were in evidence, and the resulting pictures have appeared on Facebook - some should make their way onto this site in the near future.

The videos used were:

  • YSTV through the years - edited by Matthew Tole to "Just The Way I'm Feeling" by Feeder, showing short clips of as many different programmes from the station's history as possible, mainly taken from Best Broadcaster and Review of the Year edits and also the Elections Past compilation.
  • Breaker '88 highlights - the edited highlights of Breaker '88, edited at the time and shown whilst Keith Hide-Smith was talking.
  • A short clip of Karen Bagley and David Bartlett announcing the station's eviction from P/X/002 used to introduce Sarah Davies and Adam Baxter's talk on the period.
  • The finale of the pantomime from the Webstream Launch used to illustrate Dave Baker's talk on the developments leading up to YSTV's live stream on the web.
  • A short edit of highlights from the mid to late 1980s produced by Benet Allen cut to "Acceptable in the Eighties" by Calvin Harris.
  • An updated version of Best Broadcaster 2007 with graphics illustrating YSTV's achievements in 2007 edited by Rowan de Pomerai to Basement Jaxx's "Do Your Thing".

We also had a projector in the JCR with a touch-screen interface allowing people to choose between a selection of Best Broadcaster and Review of the Year videos.

Dinner Menu

The dinner menu was as follows:

  • Crayfish Salad Cocktail with Lemon & Herbs -or- Vegetarian Caesar Salad with Parmesan and Herb Crutons
  • Seared Rump of Lamb with Petit Ratatouille, French Beans, Dauphinoise Potato and Thyme Gravy -or- Cheese and Parsnip Roulade with Sage and Onion Stuffing
  • Vanilla Cheesecake with Mango Coulis and Exotic Fruit Salsa


The follow members attended:

Katie Anderson (Secretary) Richard Ash (Training Manager, YSTV40 Committee Member)
Claire Butler (PR Manager, YSTV40 Committee Member) James Blackshaw
Sarah Cheyne (Head of Presentation, YSTV40 Committee Member) Iain Cooke (Deputy Computing Officer, YSTV40 Committee Member)
Rachel Evans Mark Friend (Station Director)
Simon Harris (Deputy Technical Director) Alex Hazell (Advertising Manager)
Sarah Leese (Social Secretary) Ian Martindale (Studio Manager)
Rowan de Pomerai (Treasurer, YSTV40 Committee Member) Rick Selby (Web Designer)
Michael Stannard Helen Tilley
Matthew Tole (Commercial Director, YSTV40 Committee Member)

As well as the following alumni:

Kevin Larkin (2005-2006) Adam Van Coevorden (2004-2006) Kate Rushworth (2004-2005)
Tom Hughes (2003-2005) Jen Ayerst (2003-2005) Dave Baker (2002-2006)
Jonathan Bufton (2002-2005) Rob Humphrey (2001-2006) Lorna Mitchell (2001-2003)
Chris Thornton (2001-2004) Briony Pocklington (2000-2004) Andrew Talbot (2000-2003)
Cally Nixon (2000-2003) Michael Prior-Jones (1999-2003) Kevin Bowman (1999-2003)
Jenny Gordon (1999-2002) Chris Ward (1997-2000) Tim Pollard (1996-2000)
Rob Sprowson (1996-2000) Helen Rix (1996-1999) Tim Hackett (1996-1999)
John Barratt (1996-1997) + Melanie Brumpton Chris Parker (1995-2000) Sophie Dennis (1995-1996)
Emma Winter (1994-1997) Owain Davies (1993-1997) Andy Robinson (1993-1996)
Dominic Plunkett (1992-1996) Sarah Davies (1992-1996) Chris Kwouk (1992-1996)
John Thompson (1992-1996) Mark Hansgate (1992-1995) Charles Blessing (1992-1995)
Adam Baxter (1992-1995) David Bunting (1991-1994) + Laura Bunting Adam Hawkes (1987-1990) + Helen Hawkes
Lawrence De'Ath (1986-1989) Ian Staite (1985-1988) John Cornley (1985-1988)
Keith Hide-Smith (1985-1988) Steve Marinker (1985-1988) Benet Allen (1985-1988)
Chris Huggett (1985-1987) Nigel Dallard (1984-1987)

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