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Webstream Launch
Genre: One Off
Broadcast: 13th January 2006
Producer(s): Dave Baker, Kev Larkin

On Friday the 13th of January 2006, YSTV made student television history by launching a live, 24/7 global web stream.

BBC North Yorkshire feature on the launch.

That means that anyone in the world can now watch YSTV as it happens. We got pretty excited about it - it was one of the biggest things to happen to YSTV ever - and to celebrate it, we put on a huge live show. You can watch the show here.

Why was it so exciting? Well, a lot - most, in fact - of the shows we do are live, and whilst watching the recordings afterwards is great, it's just not the same as watching the action unfold before your eyes. Thanks to modern technology, our very generous computing service and a whole host of great free software, now you can!

All this is free for anyone to watch, and true to the spirit, they're all in a format that's just as free. All the videos are licensed under a Creative Commons license, and it's all made possible by xiph.org, who support and develop open software for today's multimedia. All the content, including the live stream, is encoded in their free theora video codec. This makes YSTV the first TV Station in the World to be broadcasting live in Theora! The live stream itself is powered by the Flumotion streaming media server and GStreamer, the open source multimedia framework.

BBC North Yorkshire also made a feature about us on their website.

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