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For Roses 2003 it was decided YSTV would produce a DVD of highlights, which would be sold to those attending the AU Ball in June. Over the three day weekend the crew attempted to film as much sport as was possible, and to this end a timetable was made so camera crews (usually two people) could get around campus and 22 Acres and film as much as possible. There were fairly large number of "crews" running around Heslington meaning that both of YSTV's DV cameras were used (including the one recently acquired from Accenture), and there was a rare (for this period) outdoors outing for the three MS5 cameras.

During this YSTV's "Inform" service was adapted by Lorna Mitchell to screen scrolling results, and extra monitors were in place so participants could keep up to date.

On Saturday night YSTV took part in the Roses Ball by providing big-screen coverage of the acts playing, along with monitors around the Barbican Centre where it was held. This event also marked the first use of DeathStar - where it was almost christened "Perv Cam" due to its location directly above certain performers! YSTV was complimented many times on the coverage of the event.

Sadly the production of the DVD (spear-headed by Michael Prior-Jones) was problematic - DVD-writing software was not as advanced as it would be for Roses 2005, and some members struggled to get to grips with the computer editing, which was fairly under-used due to the slowness of the mac - and ultimately few copies were sold. It does serve as a brilliant record of an exhausting weekend where York won the Roses trophy for an unprecedented third time in a row. The DVD also featured a carefully cut introduction by Dave Baker showcasing the highlights of the weekend to Junior Senior's Move Your Feet, which was later (unsuccessfully) submitted to NaSTA 2004 as YSTV's Video To Music entry.

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