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Roses 2020 never got to the graphical design point.


Roses 2020 began pre-production early during January 2020, with the LA1TV team taking the lead. YSTV and LA1:TV would (as normal), be working together to plan and execute the event. Roses 2020 would see large changes made in the technical department, such as distribution via the SRT video streaming standard, as well as the method of recording (following the failures of the 2019 records). There was also to be a production format change compared to Roses 2019;

The format would have been as follows:

  • 4 simultaneous high quality streams for the sports events
  • A continual studio show running between the events covered on the 4 sports streams
  • Closer integration with both the Radio stations and the news papers of both universities, with cross collaboration across all our forms of distribution.

Planning was mainly in place by the start of February with technical work underway (mainly on the LA1:TV end for groundwork reasons), but after that things started to go downhill.


With the lack of any program of the events planned being provided to either LA1:TV or YSTV, all planning was done in theory, and in-fact required the planning of the full roses weekend with multiple variable situations accounted for. Added to this, in mid March 2020 with the increasing Covid - 19 situation in the UK, the decision was taken to cancel Roses.

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