2016-17 in YSTV

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YSTV started the academic year in something of a slump. Following a large departure of members at the end of YSTV in 2014-15 and poor member acquisition in YSTV in 2015-16. However, there was a large increase in membership during the 2016-17 Freshers week and by the by elections in October, all committee positions were filled. Naturally, this meant an increase in productions but also many other changes as most of the committee were now brand new members.


In this year's AGM, the committee voted to end the 24hr broadcasting of YSTV for a multitude of reasons; because tarantula hadn't been working for months and few people knew how to use it. Also, there simply wasn't enough content or viewers to warrant a 24hr live stream anymore. The AGM concluded that the future of broadcasting in general was in on demand content and shareable short videos on social media with livestreams used to stream 'event' television and liveshows. This therefore resulted in the discontinuation of the role of Scheduling Manager


This year also marked a movement towards making short, share-able videos exclusive to Facebook in tandem with productions for the YSTV website. A notable example is the Baby Birds of Campus video.

Equipment and Studio

Sam Willcocks and Peter Eskdale started the year by giving the control room a reshuffle, moving the large metal-topped