UniBrass 2017

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UniBrass 2017
Genre: Music
Broadcast: 18th February 2017
Producer(s): Sam Willcocks
Katherine Bell
cat = Productions

UniBrass 2017 was YSTV's collaborative coverage alongside LA:1TV of the annual UniBrass University Brass Band Championship, hosted that year by University of York Brass Band. Although originally intended to be held on campus, due to work on Central Hall the competition was held in the Harrogate Convention Centre, known at the time as the Harrogate International Centre, which previously hosted Eurovision in the 1980s.


The contest had two separate sections,[1] taking place in two venues within the centre. YSTV covered the "UniBrass Shield" in the smaller of the two venues while LA1:TV covered the more prestigious "UniBrass Trophy" in the main auditorium. Rigging largely took place on the preceding Friday 17th by a smaller team. The main show was done by a much larger team, with a switching around of roles and de-rigging afterwards.

The set-up in YSTV's room was a long row of desks at the back, with sound, graphics, vision mixing, live-stream computing, and directing all happening from there. There was a Teradek, wireless camera roaming around the room as well as the two stationary cameras at the front of the stage and the wide shot: just in front of the control desk. All the roles had people swapping around.

Band Draw

UniBrass 2017 Band Draws
Watch Online
Genre: Music/Special
Broadcast: 2nd December 2016
Producer(s): Sam Willcocks cat = Productions

There was a (very) hastily planned live show from the YSTV Studio a few months prior to the event, in which two members of the UniBrass organising committee drew the order of play for bands, names in a hat (or in this case, bucket) style.

A still from the livestream showing the UniBrass band draw graphics system in action.

It was an incredibly short show, only around 6mins long but went very smoothly from a technical and production perspective. We even had custom live graphics (built hurriedly by Sam Willcocks and Tom Lee in the run up to the event, on LA1:TV's Roses graphics system[2], allowing display of the order of the bands in real time, as soon as they were announced.

Katherine Bell and Edwin Barnes even went out and shot a very last minute (hour or two before broadcast) title sequence featuring shots of campus leading to the YSTV Studio. The only thing the livestream was missing was credits - these were, as per usual, added in the VOD edit.


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