Elections 2017

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Elections 2017
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Genre: Events Coverage
First Broadcast: 10/02/17
Last Broadcast: 25/02/17
Producer(s): Grace Downer, Sam Willcocks Kenric Yuen

60 Second Manifestos

Only 50% candidate sign up due to YUSU mismanage Our timeslot for candidate workshop so when we arrive no one is in there because "we go though faster than we though". We have produce a doucment to let candidate bring home from the workshop so they know what to do during the 60SM, although it work it might be the reason why YUSU just dismiss us from the workshop because they thought that will be enough (it's not.)


We have the Plasma for clock, and it get screen burn due to showing the same thing for a long period of time We trial to use two scene mode for dimming for greenscreen to just LCD for houselight/temperature, however lighting desk forget everything each time turn off and on so lighting have variation between day. If we can't make sure someone turn up in the candidate workshop for the whole 5 hour, ask YUSU give us a time slot in the middle not at the end, so they can't skip us. XLR cable for the rifle mic was defected, so many of the video have sound problem, should do wiggle test Many candidate have a dark green glow, due to they block of part of the camera, need to have extra light to cover it, meant that the green screen don't necessary to be even when empty As mention we do funny test video but not with the template, many keying problem is discover after starting therefore please test it properly next time.


Stuff happened.

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