EN 99

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EN 99
Election night 99 logo.jpg
Genre: Event Coverage
Broadcast: Thursday 4th March 1999
Producer(s): Alex Hudson

EN 99 (as it was stylistically called on screen) was the first election night to be held in Derwent.

It dispensed with the themed designs of the previous three programmes and stayed (fairly) serious. The show was hosted from Derwent JCR and didn't really have a set as such - the show used what was available in way of furniture there. This can perhaps be forgiven due to the huge technical challenge this evening posted to YSTV - the signal from the programme had to be sent back to Goodricke HQ so it could be re-transmitted to the YSTV network (including Derwent, ironically). This was achieved using the return feed - or more accurately not. Despite their best efforts the show ended up being transmitted only to Derwent.

When discussing the themes the previous programmes had, presenter Debbie Rule remarked that this year's theme had been "you want us to move where?!".

Screengrabs of the programme can be seen [on YSTV's website].

It should be pointed out that for years the off-air YSTV naming convention for the election night programme during production was simply "EN 9X", and in 1999 it seemed to make the transfer to the screen (only for the presenters to have to explain a number of times what EN stood for). The following year saw EN2K, followed by EN2K+1, all the way up the EN2K+3, which appears to have been the final time "EN" was used quite so much in the pre-production. This coincided with efforts to make the election coverage more than just about the "night" itself, what with candidate interviews and Bona Dicta specials throughout the week, plus repeating on the Video Server.

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