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Looking for usage documentation? Try docs:Tarantula

Tarantula was a project to replace Spider and SchedSeven with a better engineered, more functional and generally less awful system. Development started at the end of Summer 2011 with Michael Cullen designing quite a lot of the core and defining how a lot of the software would work before he left, and occasionally updating it over the following months. At the start of 2012 the project was put on hiatus.

During Summer 2012, Sam Nicholson attempted to resurrect and complete Tarantula so that YSTV might have a scheduling system again. In April 2013 the near-complete core software won the NaSTA Best Technical award at NaSTA 40 in Exeter, with Sam, John Caine and Liz Pascoe collecting the award. Shortly after, the software was released open-source under the GNU General Public License to the wider student TV community. Its first production use was at Roses 2013, where it played out scheduled videos to fill time between live shows.

A few more months of development saw the system go into production in late October of 2013, finally giving Emily Torricelli, the Scheduling Manager something to do on the live channel.