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Genre: Comedy, Factual
First Broadcast: March 2017Unverified or incomplete information
Producer(s): Edwin Barnes Sam Willcocks Tom Lee Kenric Yuen Katherine Bell

DIYSTV is an, as of yet, unpublished production doccumentating the design and building of Lee Mack the Tripod Rack. It was decided that the studio needed a safer storage solution for tripods than simply piling them against a wall and thus the rack was imagined. Instead of simply buying a rack, it was decided that it would be more fun to build it from scratch. Edwin Barnes and Katherine Bell met at B&Q and spent a while messing about in the garden section and the model bathrooms while Sam Willcocks Tom Lee and Kenric Yuen designed the rack back at the studio. Due to the surreal nature of a load of students milling about B&Q with a large trolley and DSLRs, a RODE mic and looking blindly for wood, we started to film the experience.

When the others arrived, large 3m planks and appropriate screws were located and bought. It soon dawned upon the DIY-ers that this would not fit in a car and was unlikely to be let onto a 66 bus. Therefore, they started the long journey back to campus carrying the planks on shoulders. This provided some comical shots as the sunset to YSTV members lugging back the wood past Heslington East, Heslington Hall and Derwent College.

The next day there was a roadtrip to Screwfix to buy a sander, a saw and other fun tools. Sam Willcocks got particularly excited by the deals. All of this adventure was filmed and will one day be edited by Edwin Barnes.

The wood was then sawed and sanded down into shaped and screwed together into the rack design. The project was very successful and the rack has been supporting all the tripods and microphones stands ever since.

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