Lee Mack the Tripod Rack

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Lee Mack the Tripod Rack was created for the first episode of DIYSTV as a solution to the problem of tripods being stacked unsafely and inconveniently against the back wall of the studio.

The rack was built by Edwin Barnes, Katherine Bell, Tom Lee, Hui-Ling Phillips, Sam Willcocks and Kenric Yuen over the course of two days - including time taken to 'carefully' plan and design.

YSTV made a fool of themselves at the local B&Q, using a trolley as a dolly cam and making a lot of inappropriate jokes about screws and wood before walking back to the studio with a bundle of 2m wood planks.

This project also required a trip to Screwfix to acquire, among other things, a belt sander.

Concerns were raised that the tripod rack would fall over due to the weight of the tripods but so far it has proven to be surprisingly sturdy.

Also Known As

  • Jo Brand the Tripod Stand