Haunted on the Lawn (Halloween 2014)

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Haunted on the Lawn (2014)

Haunted on the Lawn broadcasted live on 30th October 2014.Produced by Kenric Yuen, an outdoor live show happen right before Halloween that become the first outdoor live show since quite a while.


At first the show was planned as a show similar to 4 a.m. show that in studio, hope to give freshers and other member a chance to to live show with as little pressure as possible as we can 'Blame everything on the Ghost'. However before pitching, there is a lot of discussion make it bigger. Eventually one day Sam Nicholson have an idea that we will have OB outside the pasture next to central Hall. Although not convinced the different campus service will let the show go though, an EMF is still filed.

Format and content

Cut idea


  • Plan to scare the presenter with comms, presenter monitor or erratic behavior of Guest - cut due to technical difficulties
  • VT of ghost happen in studio/control room as 'Live' - cut due to production schedule
  • VT of Monster origin - cut due to production schedule


  • Small tent
  • fake campfire with cauldrons
  • cotton spiderweb on trees
  • Projecting image on trees

Production notes

Improvement and Reminder


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