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Olivia Gibbs
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Years Active 2017 – Present
Positions Held
HometownCroydon, London

"She likes dogs. And writing. She should probably write this wiki page - Sam Hance 2019"

Olivia on a day out with YSTV

Olivia joined YSTV in Autumn 2017. Initially, Olivia was a quiet, shy fresher – a fact that would shock people who know her now. She is one of the TFTV bunch and enjoys being the third wheel to the Dynamic Duo. She became the Secretary at the 2018 elections and theProduction Director at the 2019 elections. She is famed for being the face of YSTV, when interviewed by Sky News about the impending coronavirus, in February 2020.

Olivia directing for YSTV Sport

Notable Achievements

  • NASTA 2020 Highly Commended for Writing: Everything Sucks
  • NASTA 2020 Won Light Entertainment for Dogs of York
  • Nominated for Outstanding Behind the Scenes Contribution at the 2019 YUMAs
  • Vision Mixing the groundbreaking Live Interactive drama: Please Sir There's Been A Murder!
  • Co-directing Love York Awards 2019 with Thomas Schubert
  • Keeping production meetings going online despite Lockdown hitting us in 2020
  • Producing Summer Ball 2019
  • Producing Dogs of York
  • Vision Mixing YUSU Elections 2019
  • Introducing Trello as Production Director, and then mostly forgetting about it
  • The only Secretary in years to actually edit over 50 Amendments to the YSTV Constitution
  • Learning After Effects and creating graphics such as the URYSTV opening titles


Her first production was a Coffee House Session that got cancelled but it was where she first met the lovely Steph who persuaded her to keep going to more productions. She then camera operated for International Student Association Performance night. She then went AWOL whilst she tried out different societies, and mostly, didn’t like them.

After accidentally going to an admin meeting, she realised she wanted to be more involved on a committee. She then ran for Secretary in the 2018 elections and won (to her surprise!) but then again no-one else ran so competition wasn't tight. She then got more involved by attending Roses 2018 in Lancaster and meeting other stations.

She is so glad that she stuck with YSTV and had a great year as Secretary reading all the terrible spam emails and starting to produce more productions such as Sixty Seconds with STYCs. She also accidentally ended up producing an entire Halloween Livestream all because she wanted to do pumpkin carving.

YSTV has given her an amazing group of friends to make productions with and to spend time going on trips out such as YSTV goes camping. She was also the Training and Development Officer for Roses 2019 and produced and directed a lot more productions in her second year. She is most proud of her time producing YSTV Reports and getting involved with YSTV Trips.

The highlight of her time at YSTV is, of course, winning Best Broadcaster at NASTA 2019.

She was elected Production Director in the 2019 Elections and has overseen all the wonderful productions in the year from 2019 - 2020. Under her reign such productions were produced like Please Sir There's Been a Murder, Hunted: Episode 2, Quarantine Weekly, Lost, and many more. Her production slides were commonly written in comic sans with stock images and the occasional homemade memes that no-one ever appreciated enough. Whilst bored in a seminar Olivia bought a megaphone and regularly used it in meetings to command attention.

She is proud to have kept YSTV going despite the coronavirus lockdown, helping to keep ideas flowing and running extra meetings during the Easter break. Covid-19 marked the end of her time at YSTV, but the spirit of YSTV lives on whatever life throws at it.


YEAR 1: 2017-2018

# Show Position Description
1 Coffee House Sessions Camera Operator Working as camera op one time or two? It was cancelled at least 50% of the time, but hey there was still free cider and this was where Olivia met Stephanie Shires.
2 ISA Cultural Performance Night Camera Operator Produced by Raquel Barta, Olivia signed up on the calendar and thoroughly enjoyed getting to be apart of the event and meet many more YSTV members.
3 Election Results Night 2018 VT Operator My first time with the 'big kids' in the control room getting to press the button to play the intro VT and count out the VTs, and witnessing Edwin Barnes enthusiastic directing.
4 Roses 2018 Various Roles including Vision Mixing and Directing She joined on the road trip led by to Lancaster and loved the chance to hop onto as many different live streaming roles as possible! This was where she first learnt of the chaos of all green and tangled SDI cables. Lots of coiling was done that weekend.
5 Love York Awards 2018 Wireless Camera OP Used the C100 for the first time and filmed the wireless shots of Love York Awards, learning very quickly how to operate the C100 and get the right shots.
6 A Killer Opportunity Writer Taking a lead to write for the 48hr challenge, with help from trusty team mate Thomas Schubert, making it her first written short film - a fake comedy commercial for the assassination company "Death Direct".
7 Micklegate Run 2018 Camera OP Joined Stephanie Shires and her trusty team to film the Micklegate Soapbox challenge, which was heaps of fun and she was very happy to be the 'ramp camera'.

YEAR 2: 2018-2019

# Show Position Description
1 STYCs in Sixty (Actually Ninety) Seconds Producer, Editor This was her first time producing a video, throwing herself into the process with reckless preparation, but it was an excellent learning curve. The video was an informational video for freshers on how the STYC system works. The video features Thomas Schubert wearing a James College STYC shirt backwards, much to Edwin Barnes's chagrin.
2 Freshers Week 2018 Vision Mixer She hopped onto the Fresher's live stream every now and then to relieve tired crew but spent most of her time in D-bar hyping up YSTV with Stephanie Shires and handing out free magnets.
3 Election Results Night 2018 VT Operator My first time with the 'big kids' in the control room getting to press the button to play the intro VT and count out the VTs, and witnessing Edwin Barnes enthusiastic directing.
4 YSTV does Come Dine With Me Contestant Olivia was a contestant on the show, cooking a delicious batch of pot noodles proceeded by mushy peas and cockles - alas, the show was never released.
5 Halloween Livestream 2018 Producer/Director After wanting to carve pumpkins Olivia accidentally fell into producing a 40 minute long Halloween Livestream alongside co-producer Natalie Harris. which saw URY and YSTV compete to win party games and yes, pumpkin carving. She was told it was remarkably well organised for a Livestream, much to her happiness.
6 Nouse Debate Night Vision Mixer She vision mixed the Nouse Debate Night, mixing between roughly 3 camera feeds and helping to set-up and pack down, learning the ropes of tech set-up.
7 Robbing Chloe AD She was AD for the later day of shooting for Robbing Chloe as written and directed by Thomas Schubert.
8 YSTV Trips - Malham Cove Participant She didn't film anything, but she was there and that is what is important.
9 Boxing Fight Night Graphics Op Operating graphics like a pro at the Boxing and enjoying delicious pizza late into the night. Also helping rig and de-rig.
10 YSTV Sport Various Roles Olivia occasionally participated in the setting up and running of live streams such as the Floorball stream, now a more elite (or useful?) member of the production team.
11 Carols at the Minster Producer and Editor After enjoying the carol service in her first year, Olivia endeavoured to film the 2018 service, securing permission to film in the heritage building and collaborating with the Christain Union for the first time. It was a challenge to film and edit, but worth it to produce christmassy content.
12 YUSU Elections 2019 Vision Mixer Having graduated from VT Operator, she had her first high-stakes vision mixing job at the Elections, mixing between 8 different video feeds and various VTs.
13 #Bustice Assistant Camera/Sound Helping accompany Thomas Schubert to film YUSU Wellbeing Officer Steph Hayle's Bustice campaign, this was the moment that Dogs of York was born from Steph and Olivia's obsession with 'dogspotting'
14 YSTV Reports: The Bishy Weigh Producer and Editor Filming the sustainable plastic-free store in York, promoting environmental consciousness. And doing her degree with Thomas Schubert
15 Dogs of York Producer and Editor Due to her love of Dogs, Olivia and her trusty team including the wonderful presenter Steph Hayle, set out to film as many good doggos as possible. It was then released at the start of her third year, after going through the labour of love called editing.
16 YSTV Reports: Roman Festival Producer She was filming Dogs of York when the Roman Legion appeared - sparking her to chase the Roman's all the way to the festival at the museum gardens. She filmed things but alas it was never edited.
17 Roses 2019 Various Roles/Training and Development Officer Although unable to attend more than the Friday of Roses, she helped out a little - setting up some streams and ferrying kit. She also set up Roses training sessions and created the 'Roses bible' as a written guideline on Sports Broadcasting and general OBs.
18 Love York Awards 2019 Live Highlights Editor and Director Directed the first half of the stream. Premiere Pro makes everything very stressful but she tried her best, editing the live highlights from the live feed to be shown at the end of the awards, helped by Thomas Schubert who wrangled premiere better.
19 YSTV Trips - Camping in Scarborough Attended and drove the van She provided much of the comical content with her stellar minibus driving, featuring the luggage falling out of the boot. To this day she blames Edwin Barnes. ALways blame Edwin.
20 URYSTV Sessions Graphics Editor A series of music sessions filmed by YSTV and recorded by URY and Olivia made the opening title graphics for and she still doesn't know what happened to this production.
21 AES Conference Vision Mixer She did the occasional amount of vision mixing for the 3 days long AES conference.
22 Maths Skills Centre Producer and Editor As the newly elected Production Director, Olivia began to take on commercial projects, learning the ropes with an advertisement for the Maths Skills Centre.
23 Big D 2019 Exec Producer and Camera Op Filming lots of cool things at Big D.
24 Summer Ball 2019 Executive Producer This was her first big boi production, and she was executive producer overseeing all the productions to come out of the ball, as many members wanted to produce videos. The weather was terrible and the organisation fell apart a little. However, videos were made and it was enjoyable all the same!
25 Everything Sucks Writer and co-Director An idea that Olivia had been itching to make was made possible on this 48hr challenge, and with the help of Thomas Schubert at 2am the script was fully realised as a comedy following down-on-his-luck Derek. The script became lost in a laptop crash and the later rendition of the script for NASTA 2020 submissions was rewritten with the aid of Jacob Boyle, renaming the characters such as 'Kinky Man' and 'Sexy Male Protagonist'.
26 TV on the Radio Guest, Producer and Presenter Dallying into URY, Olivia was a guest on two shows. She also produced and presented the one-off TV on the Radio game 'Who Would Lie to Who'.

YEAR 3: 2019-2020

# Show Position Description
1 Coming Up Next Editor, Idea Maestro, John Lewis Advert Writer This short film was produced as part of TFTI's 48h film challenge during Freshers' Week 2019. Olivia was involved in coming up with the idea that would see the directors attempt to pull off 8 different adverts over 48hrs, and wrote the John Lewis advert featuring child Thomas Schubert.
2 Freshers' Fair 2019 BTS Filming Filmed clips for the behind the scenes that were later used in the NASTA Freshers entry. There was a cute dog called Rory there also.
3 NaSTA People's Choice Awards 2019 Floor Manager Olivia managed the floor for the PCA's making sure Jacob knew what to say and badly throwing in the Best Broadcaster award. She also helped panic write YSTV's Best Broadcaster submission.
4 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Werewolves Contestant Winner of Drunk Werewolf, tricking the group into thinking she was innocent.
5 Courtyard's 11th Birthday Exec Producer, Camera Op Overseeing the filming of Courtyard's 11th Birthday dressing up Jack Carter in an 11th birthday badge, where most attendees didn't realise Courtyard was 11 and not Jack.
6 Please Sir, There's Been a Murder Vision Mixer Following along with Stephanie Shires and Thomas Schubert's hare-brained schemes, Olivia was the vision mixer for the live interactive drama, mixing between 4 different cameras live during each scene and between multiple locations and taking her cues from each actor.
7 Carols at the Minster 2019 Producer, Camera Op, Editor Filmed the CU Carols at the Minster service, although this time it was a commercial project earning YSTV some extra money.
8 Surround Sound Carols Choir Recording Producer, Camera Op, Editor During the carols, trusty sound boi Jacob Boyle rigged 7 of the TFTI department's fancy mics to record a 5.1 recording of the choir, which Olivia then edited into a calming music video using Minster B-roll. It received 2k views on Facebook!
9 Boozy Broadcasts: Drunk Drivers Contestant Did some driving. Didn't win :(
10 Dog of the Day Producer, Editor Spent another glorious day filming some adorable doggos as an addition to Dogs of York called Dog of the Day, with individual dogs posted on each day.
11 You Rock! Mini-bus Driver Drove the mini-bus and got into all sorts of adventures in a carpark. Great trip to Bringham Rocks though.
12 NaSTA 2020 Editor/Co-writer Olivia edited the Light Entertainment submission and co-wrote the Best Broadcaster submission with 30mins spare in a panic google doc with Stephanie Shires
13 Election Results Night 2020 BTS Camera Op/VT Camera Op and Editor Filmed the Behind the Streams for Elections Results Night, and mostly filmed Ben Allen's face. She also helped Joe Radford film the Opening VT and finished the edit.
14 YSTV does Hunted - Episode 2 Contestant/Fugitive Won Hunted with trusty partner in crime Joe Radford.
15 Pick Me Up Theatre Camera OP Filmed Monster Makers getting close-ups of the action using a faulty tripod - classic YSTV.
16 Lost Contestant Olivia teamed up with Ran Christer to compete in Stephanie Shires' new show. As soon as they were dropped off blindfolded, she had an excellent idea to follow the direction that the taxi went as it left and subsequently found the main road rather quickly. Ran wanted to go to a garden centre.
17 Interview with Mark Laity Producer Produced and filmed the interview with BBC journalist Mark Laity grabbing presenter Charlotte Rogers during her visit back to the UK.
18 RAG Tea and Coffee Producer She managed to persuade Louis Dickson to present a video talking to the volunteering group Tea and Coffee with old people who live alone, he did an excellent job.
19 YSTV Reports: Margins to Centre Conference Producer, Camera Op and Editor Produced and filmed the conference which looked at the lack of diverse representation in the history syllabus, which was released in the wake of the Black Lives Matter 2020.
20 YSTV Sport: MMA Fight Night Standby Cam Op/Tech help She helped relieve the camera ops when they needed a break and ferried kit to and from the studio during de-rig.
21 Freedom Heist Actor Acted in the 96hr Film Challenge and ended up being the only actor to survive the screened edition, despite only being a cameo, due to editing issues.
22 Quarantine Weekly Editor, Producer Produced the Isolation Challenge segment alongside Louis Dickson, helping to create the challenges and edited episodes 2 and 4 of the series.


  • Spam Warrior
  • YSTV Member with the Biggest Balls