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Battle of the Bands 2015 was held in Week 9 of Spring Term, and was produced by Kenric Yuen and Rachel Burns. The competition was made up of two heats, held on the Monday and Wednesday in the Courtyard, and the final, held on the Saturday in the Roger Kirk Centre. All of the performances were streamed live along with interviews with the bands. Luxo Jr, Hypnotic Eye, The Nudists and Juvenile Summer made it to the final, with the Nudists winning the competition overall.

The Live Shows

All three OBs went relatively smoothly, with no major issues affecting the broadcast.Unverified or incomplete information For both heats, we only had two hours available in which to set up all the equipment in Courtyard; despite this, setup was completed and the shows went out on schedule although there was no time left for food, resulting in much chips and (non-alcoholic) drinks being consumed mid-broadcast while simultaneously crewing. The Monday heat was made easier by the start time unexpectedly moving half an hour later, due to one of the bands dropping out at the last minute. The Wednesday heat was somewhat more difficult, being rigged by a grand total of fourUnverified or incomplete information people – fortunately, it all went well and we had a bigger crew for the show itself. The picture quality of the Monday heat could perhaps have been improved, with issues with camera balancing meaning that the whole thing looked rather blue, as well as the Wednesday heat being a little on the dark side. However, Saturday’s final looked a lot prettier due to the lighting system that was set up in the Roger Kirk Centre.

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