Battle Of The Bands 2005

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Battle of the Bands 2005 was unique in recent history in being held in Goodricke dining hall, due to refurbishment work being done in Vanbrugh. This made getting the signal broadcast very easy, but caused a great deal of trouble to Ents getting the rig into the available space.

As the year before, YSTV interviewed and filmed the bands at the Semis, then edited introduction VTs for each band in the Final. This time interviewing was by Kat Sutton and someone else?Unverified or incomplete information.

YSTV did not set up an outside control room, but cabled the two roving cameras, DeathStar and a static wide shot back to the normal studio control room. Output came back to a projector shining sideways onto a screen on the front left of the stage, because this was the only available space. Pictures of getting it into place can be seen on YSTV's website. As a result the sets were broadcast round campus live as well as being recorded.

This enabled all the usual equipment to be brought to bear, using Magic DaVE for vision mixing. Sets were recorded straight to the Video Server, so they could be put online very shortly after the event. Rob Humphrey also carried out something of a first for YSTV in producing what became known as a "live-edit" during the broadcast, featuring highlights of the night's performances and the time-lapse of the rig construction. This was played out on the big screens at the end of the night to a very positive reception.

Battle of the Bands
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