Battle Of The Bands 2006

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Battle of the Bands 2006
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The final was held in Vanbrugh dining hall. YSTV's control room was set up in V/122.

For various reasonsUnverified or incomplete information there were a lack of experienced members to set up the OB. Rowan de Pomerai co-ordinated the rig, with the new techies Iain Cooke, Ian Martindale and Matthew Tole being thrown in at the deep end at their first OB having to complete most of the set up themselves.

As done previously, introduction VTs were edited to introduce each of the bands at the final. There were two screens hung from the sides of the stage showing YSTV's output. Matthew carried on the concept of a live-edit from the previous year, producing a VT with highlights of the night's performances which was played out before the results were announced.

Battle of the Bands
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